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Why choose Orved Grand Gourmet?

All our gourmet products are always fresh and italian in origin

Cooking temperatures are always very low, below 100°C

Products retain all their vitamins and protein after cooking

Food retains all of its original minerals and organoleptic and taste properties unchanged

Sous-vide cooking is always light, digestible and healthy because dyes and preservatives are absent

The absence of air inside the packaging prevents oxidation and degeneration of the product

The variety of dishes from our chefs always guarantees a varied and delicious meal

No more dirty pots and pans or unpleasant odours in the kitchen

Dietetics and light cooking

Perfect conservation 40 days

NO Preservatives

NO Saturated Fats

NO dyes

Easy and fast regeneration

Alcune delle Nostre Ricette in Sottovuoto

Regenerating* the products is always Easy and Fast

Follow the directions on the label on the back of the package

* Process by which the product is brought from refrigerated temperature to a temperature suitable for eating.

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